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Walk & Talk Therapy

Life doesn't happen in the therapy office, so take your therapist into life. This (very limited and exclusive) option is available (to thoroughly screened) individuals who would prefer to have their therapy sessions outside the office. 

The movement of walking can be a therapeutic aid. (It's easier to talk about difficult topics when you're moving.) It can also help to directly relieve depression and anxiety. If you're interested and comfortable with privacy issues Walk & Talk sessions can be conducted at Pinacle Mountain State Park. 


For those with anxiety, 'In Vivo' exposure is often the most effective treatment. Stephanie has treated Veterans with PTSD with Prolonged Exposure Therapy for several years. She is willing to take this expertise into the community to help individuals with panic attacks and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If eligible for this treatment she will accompany you to carefully chosen anxiety target activities to guide you through the process of Exposure and Response Prevention.

To see this therapy used to address a snake phobia watch this video (warning there are images of snakes): Behaviorism for Phobias

If you need help in your own environment or if you'd rather work on yourself with the support of nature around you, call or text today for a free consultation. 

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