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Teletherapy: Get help when (and where) you need it most. 

Now offering evening and weekend teletherapy appointments. 

Prenatal Support

The transition from home to college can be so isolating and intense. It's often the start of a wonderful yet terrifying existential experience. If you're in the state of Arkansas you can connect with Stephanie through teletherapy from the comfort of your dorm room. Like a (HIPPA Compliant) Skype session it's the fastest and most convenient way to get help when and where you need it most.

Dorm Room Teletherapy

Prenatal Teletherapy

With expertise in prenatal and postpartum conditions, and as a mom herself, Stephanie has a passion for caring for those who care for others. Perfect for bed-rest, or just during that time where real clothes are not enticing, Prenatal Teletherapy can help you make it through one of the most sacred, yet difficult times in life.

Postpartum Teletherapy

Once baby arrives we need the most comforting support we'll ever need in our lives. Yet we're also relegated to the home. This was fine when we had our communal tribe and we all cared for one another. Unfortunately in today's world mamas are so often isolated and left to struggle alone. 

Postpartum Teletherapy allows moms to stay at home with their new babies and new selves while still getting professional help. It's ideal for those with possible Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, or OCD but is also highly recommended for any new mom. Let someone give you support so you can take care of your new world. 

Hospital Room Therapy

You know you need support, but you won't leave their side. With teletherapy you can bring your therapist to you while you take care of yourself and your loved one.


After experiencing the long days and longer nights of an extended hospital stay after the birth of her second daughter, Stephanie realized that there is an unmet need for those unable to leave the hospital in getting emotional support when they need it most. Now through Teletherapy you don't have to walk this difficult journey alone. 

Teletherapy for Rural Arkansans

Stephanie grew up in the mountains of Newton County and still has a big spot in her heart for her country home. She knows how frustrating it can be to not have services due to geographical isolation. The time and finances it takes to drive hours back and forth to appointments makes it nearly impossible to get the help and support you need.


With advances in Teletherapy Rural Arkansans can benefit from the same high quality options as their cosmopolitan neighbors. As long as you've got a smartphone and a good connection you can have therapy in the hay bottom or on your front porch directly from one of Little Rock's most highly trained and experienced psychotherapists. 

Travel Support

Therapy doesn't have to go on hold just because you're traveling. While you're on a high stress business trip, an important school function, or vacationing with the in-laws you're likely to need therapeutic support the most. Teletherapy options allow you to stay connected when and where you need it most. 

Get the help you need in the palm of your hand by scheduling a free consultation today.

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