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Individual therapy and coaching sessions are always available, but sometimes it's easier to get it all at once, and get it at a discount! Find a package that fits your needs and start the healing process. 

Postpartum Support


This package includes daily text check-ins as well as weekly teletherapy sessions for the first 8 weeks after your baby's arrival. If you have a history of depression or anxiety, or know that you might be isolated and in need of emotional support after the birth of your child, you should prepare in advance for you and your baby's well being. We're not meant to mother alone. Having this package will let you know that you'll have a psychotherapist, and fellow mom, on your side when the time comes. With that peace of mind you can enjoy the beauty of this major transition without the loneliness and suffering it can so often bring. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy


In this package we'll contract for the 12 sessions so you know you've got a solid anchor of support for 3 months. We'll then look at renewing our contract for the recommended year of DBT treatment. This therapy is great for anyone with emotion regulation problems, but it's specifically designed for individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder. If you're suffering with problems like chronic emptiness, self-harm behaviors, and impulsivity, this is the intensive therapy that you need. With this package you'll also have access to as needed 24/7 phone coaching as the problems in life rarely happen just within the therapy hour. 

Individual Mindfulness Coaching


As a Buddhist and long time meditator I have enjoyed the benefits of Mindfulness for many years. Thankfully it is now being used in psychotherapy and has massive amounts of research and support from the scientific community. The practice will literally change your brain and bring you back to the beauty that you once found in life. Group sessions are offered but if you want a more tailored and individualized focus you can choose this package. In 8 sessions you will learn the science behind the neurological benefits of daily practice while having individual coaching in Mindfulness. 

Therapeutic Art


This is perfect for soul searchers and artists alike. Don't worry if you can only draw a stick figure, that's all that's needed! The arts can help you access emotional content that cannot be found in any other way. This package is for 4 sessions that are each 1.5 hours long. We'll use a variety of mediums to navigate your mental landscape and process through your emotions. If you are a creative person, are feeling stuck in life, or have been too intimidated to get your hands dirty, this option will help you. 


(Please note that I am not a Registered Art Therapist, and am not providing "art therapy". To be an "Art Therapist" you go through a whole different degree track that I didn't pursue. I am however an artist with formal training and a therapist. I'm practiced in using art as a therapy and in using therapy to work with art! It might be a matter of semantics but I would never want to discredit those who pursued those particular specialties and are experts as Art Therapists!)

Self Actualization Coaching


This is not therapy. This is transformational personal development coaching for state, national, and international clients who are ready and able to take their self actualization to the next level. We all need an emotional guide to walk with us on the difficult stretches of our journey. With this package you'll receive 6 weeks of intensive one-on-one training in emotion regulation; guidance for interpersonal situations; and steady support as you learn to navigate your new place in life. Via weekly teleconferencing, daily texts, and unlimited email communication, together we'll get you where you want to be.

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