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The Studio Crew

We hire art students to watch the shop so they can do their homework, use our equipment, and make a buck or two.

We've got the state's best therapists using the space to provide individual, group, animal assisted, and art therapies.

Drop us a line if you want to join the cause.


Now that it's our responsibility to be the Environmental Protection Agency, we need your help. 

The Studio upcycles and recycles materials for all of our Twisted Crafting projects. Gather up these items and let them live a new life as a work of art. 

  • cardboard egg cartons

  • tin cans

  • buttons

  • pennies

  • plastic bags

  • glass bottles

  • cookie tins

  • toy plastic animals

  • toy cars

  • doilies

  • wrapping paper

  • tissue paper

  • jewelry

  • keys

  • maps

  • music sheets

  • mason jars

  • cookie sheets

  • toilet paper rolls

  • paper towel rolls

  • ribbon, lace, feathers

  • bottle caps

  • corks

  • picture frames

  • crayons

  • decorative paper

  • newspaper

  • balloons

  • wire

  • clothespins

  • dominoes

  • & any art supplies

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