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Psychotherapy Services

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A number of Little Rock's finest therapists use the Studio as a space to provide individual, couples, and group therapies. Contact them directly for hours, rates, and specialties. 

Stephanie Johnston, LCSW, owner & operator of The Studio, provides both individual and group sessions each week. She specializes in using Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness to treat Women's Issues including Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Book a free consultation now to discuss options with Stephanie if you're unsure what might be best for you, or if you know what you need sign up today for the Mindfulness Group, DBT Group, Mom2Mom Support Group, or an Individual Therapy Session. 

Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy right for me? Probably. Learn more about it:

Do I have enough Zen in my life? Probably not. Click here to find out about Mindfulness: 

I've tried to change my thoughts and feelings, but they just won't budge. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy might be the answer:

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