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Mom 2 Mom Support Group

What would your baby say if they knew you weren't taking care of yourself? If they knew you were stressed, and lonely and overwhelmed? If they knew you were trying to struggle through it all by yourself?

Your baby loves you; your baby would say:

Mama, take care of us both. 
Mama, you would never treat anyone else as poorly as you've been treating yourself.

Mama, take some time. Take a break. Get some support. 

Mama I love you, go, I want you to be ok!

The Studio is a place by women, for women. It was created to be a hub for women to gather in the name of healing, creativity, and support. It's aim is to provide the tribe that we're all yearning for and that we so desperately need while we're raising our babies.


In support of those goals, the Mom2Mom group is a therapeutic processing group led by psychotherapist and fellow mom, Stephanie Johnston. It's held every other Saturday (the 2nd & 4th) from 12:30-1:30 and is only $25.00 per session. Whether your baby is 2 months or 22 year you deserve the support and encouragement of other moms, as well as a safe space to talk about all of the joys and miseries of mothering.

This group is not a mommy and me group. It's a time for you to come by yourself for yourself. It's a time to talk about your birth trauma, or the complications of your pregnancy, or of loss. We all have our stories and healing is found through sharing. It's also not just a peer led support group. It is psychotherapy provided by a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in birth work. So please take the time, make the commitment, and give yourself the gift of telling your story and easing your burden. 


Sign up now (before you forget).

It's only 2 hours a month but could make the difference of a lifetime.

You deserve it Mama.

#HealingArkansas #YouBelongHere #FindYourTribe

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